Highland Handcrafter


The earliest settlers of the Appalachian Mountains depended upon their quick minds and skillful hands to survive in a beautiful but at times challenging land. They learned to make their own tools, clothes, homes, weapons, utensils, and dishes.  This self-reliance has persisted throughout the years as mountain men and women have used God-given gifts rather than cash to survive and thrive. The folks who live in these pages all work with their hands to hold onto values that sustain them, as well as to earn a living.  Their voices are worth hearing . . . Mural Painter, Innkeepers, Weaver, Wood Turner, Metal Sculptor, Harness Maker, Toymaker, Metal Smith, Furniture Maker, Glassblower, Leather Worker, Blacksmiths, Artist, Storyteller, Chimney Maker and others.

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